Listen To Your Heart senses the tiny electrical signals of each pulse of the heart using brass hand prints.  The filtered and amplified signals are used to beat a large drum and flash a red light in exact sync with the user’s heartbeat.  This exhibit is offered in both single and double sided standard models, with a 22” diameter drum.  These are designed to be mounted to a base supplied by the customer.  We can also provide a base, if required, as well as other sizes and styles of drum, as custom items.

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Listen to Your Heart
‘Heartbeat Drum Exhibit’

Listen To Your Heart can be seen in museums from Singapore and Canada to Ireland and Belgium, and across America.  We can produce a custom design using any size and style of drum.  The exhibit is also available in a two sided version, which allows two users to compare their heart rates at the same time.

We usually supply the exhibit with a tabletop base.  This saves on shipping, and allows you to design a support to match the decor in your gallery.  The pictures show what some of our customers have done.

If you want us to supply a base, there are two options.  The picture directly below shows our low cost basic model that can ship flat to save on freight and assembles easily with hand tools.  Or we can design something special to match to look of the rest of your exhibits, like the red steel base we created for Cité des sciences et de l'industrie in Paris, France.

For more information, including price and ordering, please email.

Wonderlab Museum of Science

32 inch drum for Science World, BC, next to standard model

Singapore Science Center


Families Listen to Your Heart


Custom steel base for Cité des sciences et de l'industrie