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The LightWriter is our most popular and affordable product, now found in museums across the country.  The bright blue, long-life LED is used to doodle on a glow-in-the-dark surface.  It makes a perfect addition to an existing Frozen Shadows exhibit, or we can help you set up an installation from scratch. Check out our Pendulux exhibit for ideas about other great ways to use this technology. (If all you want is a  Frozen Shadows exhibit, we can help you with that too. Call us versatile, and call us, The Exhibit Guys, to discuss the many possibilities.

LightWriters mount to a bracket or a utility box, which must be firmly attached to the wall.

The cable length is easily adjusted with a twist-to-tighten cable grip.

The cable is very strong, made from steel and an abrasion-resistant braided covering.

The LED is sealed in a tough plastic housing.

The plug-in Power Supply can run dozens of LightWriters.

Other LightWriters connect here:

To download LightWriter installation info in PDF format, please click here.file://localhost/LW%20Installation.pdf

Ordinary lamp cord is used to connect LightWriters to Power supply terminals.

Now Available – Mounting Brackets for easier LightWriter installation.

For a ‘ready-to-go’ exhibit, consider the ‘WriteBoard’, with 2 LightWriters and a power supply already installed.  Just hang it on a wall in a dark corner and plug it in.