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Exhibits for Science Centers and Children’s Museums
A note to our fantastic customers, past, present and future.

Thanks to you all for a wonderful 15 years!  The Exhibit Guys, Joe, Dik and Tom, started this partnership back in 2005, to share our excitement and know-how about interactive exhibits. Although we never made a pile of money, the appreciation you have shown for the products we offer has been deeply gratifying. It has been our privilege and pleasure to work with each of you.

I spotted this cryptic road sign on a visit to Glasgow back around the time The Exhibit Guys began. CHANGED PRIORITIES AHEAD.   Even though they drive on the “wrong” side over there, this sign has the ring of truth! Exactly what it means to drivers in Scotland remains to me a mystery;  but I am borrowing it here to announce to our customers, somewhat tardily, some important CHANGED PRIORITIES AHEAD for The Exhibit Guys.

During 2019, both Dik and Tom gradually reduced their participation in Exhibit Guy projects -- in simpler words, we retired! -- leaving the bulk of the work to Joe.  Joe plans to continue the company, offering a few of our more popular items, and focusing mostly on the mechanical devices the are his specialty -- such as our world famous Magnetic Ball Wall.  

To contact Joe for information about what is currently available or to place an order, click below:

If you are looking for info about our previous work, please click here to visit our Product Archives.

The bad news:
The good news:
our popular Magnetic Ball Wall parts are still available!
Click for more information.Archimedes_Screw_in_Action.htmlArchimedes_Screw_in_Action.htmlArchimedes_Screw_in_Action.htmlArchimedes_Screw_in_Action.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1shapeimage_8_link_2

Joe and Rocky building a helical ball lift.

The finished product in use!