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The Exhibit Guys have been selling LED based light exhibits for many years now.  The constant improvements in this dynamic technology have been incredible, with no letup in sight.  LEDs are now found in sneakers, traffic lights, automobile headlamps and turn signals, and in the homes of consumers smart enough to never buy another of those awful compact florescent bulbs!  LEDs .

Sometimes however even the latest, brightest LEDs aren’t up to the job.  Sometimes you simply need the sun!

To use the sun as a light source in an exhibit requires  a device called a Heliostat, which has motorized mirrors precisely aimed to direct a stationary beam of light at a target.  Heliostats are usually fairly large scale projects, found mostly at larger science centers.  But a small portable heliostat is not that complicated, and we think every science center ought to have one.  Especially if you like to fool around with stuff, the way you want your visitors to fool around with stuff.  Of course, these devices don’t work when the sun isn’t shining — but here in Tucson that’s not a common problem!

Watch the videos to see why we think you need a heliostat!

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