A Shadow is not mere darkness.  Inextricably entwined, light and shadow together paint the world we see.  As colors come in shades, so shadows come in colors.  Eye-popping, rich, vivid colors, in the case of this beautiful exhibit.

Colored Shadows exhibits have been seen in science centers for many years. The difference in our improved Exhibit Guys’ version lies in the use of the latest generation of high power LEDs.  These solid state, long life light sources have several advantages over the big incandescent flood lamps usually used.  The colors are richer, and don’t fade over time.  The light source is tiny, so the shadows are very sharp and defined.  They project over a wide angle, so shadows can be cast over a whole wall rather than just a small sweet spot. They have a life of many thousands of hours - no more bulb replacement.  And they run cool, so there is no need to shield against burnt fingers.

Best of all, we offer this unique new light source in an attractive, versatile package that you will find simple to adapt to your particular needs.   An alcove or hallway from which all ambient light can be excluded is an ideal location.  Simply mount the fixture on one wall, and paint the opposite wall matte white. 

Another idea is to construct a table with a white surface, and mount the fixture overhead.   Side and rear panels can be added to block stray light.  Props such as colanders,  doilies, and paper cutouts are left on the table — to be cast as shadow casters extraordinaire in a brilliant drama, The Play of Light.
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Colored Shadows

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Turn a black hole into a glittering galaxy of stirring stars, with our latest creation, the Astral Projector.

Astral Projector

The LEDs used in Colored Shadows are lights of the future, making possible a wide range of interesting effects.  As this marvelous technology continues to develop, The Exhibit Guys plan to offer new exhibits starring their many talents.   Here is a preview of things to come.